About the Artists

You can send photos to us and we will put them into the website.  Send them to:


Liz McGowan and Jane Frost have worked together for two years on projects generating conversation with and about the Norfolk landscape.  Visit their website :


Liz McGowan

Liz McGowan is an environmental artist working with the detail and pattern of the Norfolk landscape.  Further information about her work can be found at


Jane Frost

Jane Frost is a textile and environmental artist. Her work relates to ‘Slow Making’ and materiality. Further information about her work can be found at



2 Responses to About the Artists

  1. Patrick Yarker says:

    Hi Liz and Jane,

    good to meet and hear about your project last week and see pages of the Diary. Even better to have access to some of the pages through this website. Please don’t hesitate to get back to me with any overheard comments or more formal feedback-material: all gratefully received and very useful in evaluating the ‘Culture of the Countryside’ links with the Festival. and (some of) the effects of your project. Thank-you.

    Patrick Yarker

  2. christine maciocia says:

    I wondered whether Liz sold photos of her work. I like the stars in the church, the leaves on the water with cloud refected in it and the circles by the waves in the sand.

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