Update on the 10:10 campaign

Here is a link to the Wind Diary information on the 350 website http://www.350.org/west-runton-wind-diary. This will give links to all the other actions taking place on 10:10

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Setting up to record

wrunton set upInstalling materials to record and share wind and weather at the shelter over the next few weeks. Visitors to the place and here online will be able to include experiences in the diary. Locals, holiday makers and students were already asking questions and adding some comments to the diary as we left.

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Starting the wind record

We experienced the first exchange about wind and weather with visitors to the shelter at West Runton. The people were welcoming and encouraging, the effects of wind and rain energising. Looking forward to the following few weeks and what they will bring to the diary.

recording wind speed

recording wind speed

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Welcome to the Wind Diary!

What was it like at West Runton today?  How was the wind?  Fierce?  Gentle? How did it move the waves, the grasses, the sand?  Did it whisper or did it roar? How did it feel on your cheeks?  Did your hat blow away?  Did the sand blow into your sandwiches and make them gritty?

We would like to know the answers to all of these questions!  You can add pictures and writing to the diary at West Runton Shelter, and you can add photographs and stories to this blog.

This Wind Project will run from September 25th to October 17th.  You can drop in at any time and participate, and there will also be three organised events:

Sunday 3rd October:  WindArt Day

Be inspired by the wind!  We will be making pennant flags to fly in the wind at West Runton Shelter incorporating your stories, drawings and paintings.  11am – 3pm

Sunday 10th October:

To coincide with 10:10, the international campaign to cut carbon emissions, we invite you to take part in a walking conversation about wind energy, its destructive force and its creative potential.  11am – 3pm approx.

The website about 10:10 is here, we will link to the international events on the dayhttp://www.350.org/

Sunday 17th October:  Wind Mapping Day

Come and make a giant pattern on the beach at West Runton showing the changes in wind direction over the past month at West Runton.  11am – 3pm

Further information on any of these events, contact Liz McGowan 01263 733061 or Jane Frost 01353 861944

Claire wrote
“Mapping the Wind – what a lovely idea! It is amazing how the landscape seeps
into our subconscious. I remember interviewing a Norfolk forester about his
relationship to the landscape. At one point in his career he had moved to
Ireland, and he said the thing he missed most about Norfolk was the sound of the
wind in the trees.”

Caroline wrote
“Oliver (9 months) is so fascinated by the wind – the movement and the sound absolutely
transfix him – great free entertainment!”

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